Full Colour Name Badges

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If you want the most professional looking identification products for your business or company, then our full colour name badges may be the perfect choice for your needs. These badges are most commonly used to identify employees at their place of business or even formal events, and other special occasions. And rightfully so, not just because they look clean and simple, but also because they’re a highly customisable pieces of staff uniform to wear when staff are representing the company. Whether it’s the variety of fonts and colours to choose from or the ability to print custom logos and images, these types of badges are among the most versatile forms of staff identification products available today.
For the best full colour name badges that are delivered Australia wide, Name Tags and Badges is your first choice. With our wide selection of designs and features and our highly personalised customer service, you’ll easily be able to get the badges that you’ve always wanted.

Get the Professional Edge

When it comes to full colour name badges, you can count on Name Tags and Badges to provide some of the highest quality pieces available today. Our range of full colour name badges are produced using the latest printing technology, so you can be sure that your designs are accurate and consistent no matter how many pieces you order. By using modern techniques and technologies, we’re also able to provide more durable badges that won’t break easily or delaminate like most other cheaper quality badges found elsewhere.
Because of its versatility and flexibility, full colour badges are ideal solutions for companies that also want to include a full colour logo in their name tags. They’re perfect for creating the most professional and customer friendly coloured name badges, capable of providing information and logos in a variety of layouts and configurations.
Name Tags and Badges can also deliver to your workplace for the most affordable prices, making it even easier and more cost-effective to get the badges you want. We also deliver all over Australia, ensuring that you can get high quality full colour name badges no matter where in the country your business or company may be.


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At Name Tags and Badges, we understand that different customers have different needs. Naturally, this also applies to the sizes of the badges that clients require. That’s why we offer different standard sizes for our full colour name badges, allowing you to select the most appropriate one for your needs.
64mm x 19 mm
Our smallest standard size is perfect for simple name printouts that may or may not include your company logo. This size is ideal for those who want the focus to be on the text rather than on the images or logo accompanying it. Because of its small size, this option is also recommended for those who want unobtrusive name badges. 
73 mm x 27 mm
If you want a little more space for your name badge, then this option may prove suitable for your needs. This size allows for bigger-sized text to be printed on the faceplate as well as a decent-sized logo to go along with it. It’s an adequate size for most situations, providing name tags that are neither too small nor too big.
75 mm x 25 mm
With roughly the same dimensions as the previous option, this size provides many of the same benefits with regards to the sizes of your text and image that you want printed on it. The only difference between this and the option above is a slight variation in its height and width. For most standard uses of name tags, it’s hard to go wrong with this or the previous size option.
70 mm x 35 mm
This size is our largest standard option for full colour name tags. Although it’s slightly shorter in length than the previous two choices, it’s also considerably taller. This provides ample space for texts of different sizes and the inclusion of bigger logos or images. If you want your text or image to be displayed prominently on your name badge, then this size may be the one you need.

Background Colours

To give you even more flexibility for designing your badges, Name Tags and Badges also offers a variety of different background colours for your pieces. These include:
The standard choice for many companies, this background colour presents a clean, simple look that makes your text or logo easily stand out. It’s the ideal background for most standard purposes, especially if you want a more casual or straightforward name badge for your purposes.
Metallic Silver
The metallic silver option, is an option of badge background that will often suggest a sense of elegance. In many cases, this background provides a platinum-like appearance that adds a touch of sophistication, which other background colours may not be able to provide.
Metallic Gold
The metallic gold is typically used for special events or by companies who want to exude a touch of class and elegance in their name badges. Depending on your brand identity and particular situation, this may be an excellent option for making your badges stand out. 
Other Colours Upon Request
If you’d like other colour backgrounds for your badges, then simply let us know and we’ll likely be able to create them for you. We understand that every company and situation is different and that some will need customised background colours to match their branding and specific purposes. That’s why we also print full colour name badges in a wide variety of other background colours other than the ones listed above. If you have specific background colours or designs in mind, simply discuss it with our team and we’ll be able to provide some great options.


As a standard choice, our entire range of full colour name badges are fitted with either a white or black pin. This allows your badges to be used immediately upon arrival, with no need for any other attachment tools or mechanisms. 
For a small additional fee, we can also upgrade your badges to have a magnet fittings instead, allowing a more efficient and less cumbersome placement mechanism for your badges.Other options include the white clip with pin backing.


If you want to make your badges stand out and look even more professional, then a resin doming feature may be the solution. For only $2.20 extra per badge, we’ll be able to add a raised resin coating which will protect your name badges, giving your badges a more refined and sophisticated appearance. 
Doming is a simple yet effective solution that can make your pieces look more professional or prestigious. Apart from the layout of your design and the colours that you’re using for it, this feature may provide the most noticeable difference for your badges.


Although it’s not obvious, the font that you use for your name badges can make a tremendous difference in the impression you give to those who see it. Whether you want to convey a sense of class and elegance or perhaps want to exude a more casual or laid-back feeling, choosing the right font for your purposes can do this for you. Rest assured that Name Tags and Badges offers a variety of fonts (and font colours) to meet your company’s branding requirements. If you have particular or special fonts in mind, you can discuss it with our team to see how we can bring them to life on your badges.

Build Your Own Badge

Want to quickly design and order your name badge? Our Build a Badge page on our website allows you to easily design and order full colour name badges based on our standard features discussed above.
With our Build a Badge page, you’ll be able to quickly select the features you’d like your badges to have, including its size, fittings, font, and text colour. You can even upload your logo or images if you have more custom designs in mind. The page also provides a rough example of how your text would look on the faceplate in terms of positioning and font, giving you an idea of how it will turn out after production. 
If your name badge requirements are fairly simple and straightforward, then our Build Your Own Badge page can give a quick and easy way to design them and place your order accordingly. 

Special Requests

Please keep in mind that all these choices and features discussed above are simply our normal offerings for our standard range of full colour name badges. If you have special custom requests or have other features and additions in mind, simply discuss your requirements with us and we’ll be able to work out a way to best serve your needs.
Whether you’d like badges that are bigger or smaller than our standard range of sizes or perhaps want to use special fonts and colours for them, we’ll be able to accommodate your requests. 
Please contact us via email at info@nametagsandbadges.com.au or give us a call on 1300 132 980 to discuss what you need. After letting us know your requirements, our team will provide your best options for producing the name badges that you’ve always had in mind.