Postage / Delivery

Postage and Production:


Name Tags and Badges uses both Australia Post and Fastway Couriers to deliver your product throughout Australia. Both are considered to be Australia's most reliable courier services. Name Tags and Badges reserves the right to select the appropriate courier to deliver your parcel to your specified destination on time. Whilst we cannot guarantee exact delivery times, we can guarantee that we will produce and dispatch your order within 1-5 business days* following receipt of payment. Longer times should be expected for items such as lanyards, button badges and lapel pins.

Our postage costs are: 

  • FREE Postage applies to orders $300 and over (only) and is sent as standard parcel post with Australia Post. Express Post options can be purchased by the customer by contacting our office on 1300 132 980 or via email
  • $5.95 Standard Post (This option is only available for orders under $50 and is not tracked or insured). * not tracked or insured – buyer assumes risk for loss/damage by Australia Post
  • $12.95 Registered Post - provides a tracking number, signature on delivery and Transit Insurance up to $100).or Parcel Post - provides a tracking number. Signature on delivery for Parcel Post is an additional $2.95 - please ask our staff if you wish to have this option added to your order.
  • From $16.00 Express Postage (optional – provides a tracking number but NO Transit Insurance). If your delivery address is within the Australia Post Express Post network, then it is possible for us to send your order via Express Post (Australia Post guarantees next business day delivery**). Please select your express post option whilst checking out. **See for further details. Signature on delivery for Express Post is an additional $2.95 - please ask our staff if you wish to have this option added to your order.

All contracts with Name Tags and Badges are made on the condition that delivery is “ex works” from our premises - Where we agree to arrange delivery to your premises on the provision that:
(a) you agree to pay the invoiced price for the goods in addition to our standard postage and handling charges prior to the commencement of production and subsequent dispatch from our office,
(b) Name Tags and Badges shall not be liable for any loss or damage of your product in transit. If you require us to arrange insurance on your behalf, against any unforeseen loss or damage of your product in transit, you must confirm in writing and make the appropriate payments for it at the time of placing the order, and

(c) the correct sending address is provided to us prior to dispatch. If an incorrect sending address is provided to us or the address is changed after the order has been produced and dispatched and the item is considered lost, then Name Tags and Badges takes no responsibility for its whereabouts following dispatch from our office. Reproduction and re-delivery of the missing items will be considered a new order and fees and/or extra charges for delivery will be the responsibility of the customer.

All orders over $50 will have a tracking number. You will also receive notification from us to tell you it has been dispatched from our office. This notification will be sent to you via email and will include your parcel tracking number code so you can track the status of your delivery. Please note you do that the option of having your order (under $50 only) sent by standard post with Australia Post and is not tracked or insured unless you choose to insure it by electing and paying for the Registered Post option of postage. Terms and conditions apply for orders sent with the standard post option.

Transit Insurance:

You have the option to choose Transit Insurance on your product when you place your order with us. Despite Name Tags and Badges taking all due care and responsibility during the production and dispatch of your products, occasionally some items can get damaged or lost in transit. If you should choose Transit Insurance, you will be covered for any unexpected issues in transit, and your order will be replaced as a matter of priority.
If you choose not to take Transit Insurance over your package, Australia Post and Name Tags and Badges take no responsibility for the damage or loss of your package during transit.
Transit Insurance may be offered to you or you can request to have it applied at the time of placing your order.

If you have chosen the Transit Insurance option and your order has arrived to your destination in a damaged condition, then you are requested to contact us in writing or via email within fourteen days (14) of receipt of goods. Failure to make such a claim within the stated period shall constitute irrevocable acceptance and an admission that the goods have been accepted in the condition they arrived in. Photographic evidence will be required of the damaged condition of the product and its packaging. Once the damaged product evidence has been assessed to be a genuine in transit defect, then Name Tags and Badges will replace your product as a matter of priority.

If you have chosen the Transit Insurance option and your order has not arrived at all after the permissible time has elapsed, please contact the designated shipping agents, either Australia Post  and ask them to help you track the delayed/missing goods. It is also recommended to notify Name Tags and Badges and inform us of the missing in transit goods.

Late Arrival of Goods:

In the occasional event that your goods are late to arrive and before contacting Name Tags and Badges, please be sure to use this checklist:
  1. Check with your Post office in case they have placed your goods behind the counter
  2. Check your store front post box
  3. Check with other staff in your office to make sure they haven’t collected it already or have not told anyone else they have collected it and placed the goods in a different area of the office/shop etc.
  4. Give it more time to arrive as sometimes unexpected delays may occur in transit.
  5. Contact our shipping agents Australia Post and ask them to help you track the delayed/missing goods.
  6. Be mindful that at certain times of the year ie Christmas or public holidays, there is extra pressure on postal and courier services and delays in the arrival of your goods are to be expected.


Production Time:

Production time for Name Tags is usually 2-5 days from sign off on your artwork and payment of the invoice*. The time quoted for delivery is an estimated time only, and shall be adhered to as closely as possible. No responsibility is accepted by Name Tags and Badges for any unforeseen delays, or any other circumstances not within the control of Name Tags and Badges, causing any delay in the manufacture and/or delivery of your goods.


Occasionally, the resin doming application does not take on the first attempt and the badge may require to have the process of doming repeated which may take another 24 hours to fully cure and be ready for dispatch.


Our production terms are as follows:

Company policy states that payment for all goods is required up front prior to the commencement of production, ordering or dispatch of your product/s.

If you have placed an order to the extent where you have written in an email to proceed with the order or confirmed the proof of artwork or given us "the go ahead" or any other such term with reference to the same meaning for any of our products outlining the layout position of the logo, the spelling of names and titles or have provided an email list or a database list of names and titles and then later decide to change any of those details after production on that order has been commenced by our efficient production team, then the cost of reproducing or reordering the nominated changes to that product will be the responsibility of the client and will be added to your final payment.


Production Requirements:

Logos: It is expected that you will provide us with a good quality logo in preferably JPG or EPS file format and not expect us to be searching the internet to download your logo. You will be required to provide us with a logo that is 300dpi and approximately 50kb or greater. If you do not have your logo on your computer files then you will need to consult the graphic designer who created the logo and ask them to send it to you or alternatively, directly to us at

Fonts: If your company elects to use a font other than the standard fonts we regularly use or carry in our system, then it is expected you will provide to us the font type you wish for us to use for your name badges. If the client does not provide that specific font to Name Tags and Badges for purposes of producing the requested identity product, then the purchasing of that specific font/s by Name Tags and Badges, to be used for in the production of your identity product, will be charged to you at the cost of purchase in AUD and time added to search, download and install such fonts will be added to the final invoice of the clients goods. The font will then remain in the possession of Name Tags and Badges for any future such Name Badge orders by the client.

Omissions in Production:

It is the responsibility of the client to check and ensure that there are no incorrect spelling of logos, staff names, position titles, acronym letter titles, work place areas, or grammatical and punctuation errors supplied to us in an email list or database list for purposes of using this information to create the badge product. This provided list will be imported directly into our design program in the spelling text format it has been given to us from the client. If after receiving the badge product, the client later determines there is an error in any such above mentioned conditions, and wants it/them reproduced, then Name Tags and Badges will reproduce the identified Name Badge product/s and resend to the clients nominated shipping address at the expense of the client.

When providing handwritten name badge orders, it is the responsibility of the client to supply Name Tags and Badges staff with neatly handwritten capital letters for names and titles. Errors in spelling of staff names, position titles, acronym letter titles, work places areas, or grammatical and punctuation production caused by illegible handwriting of names and titles in the order sheet will be considered the error of the client and reproduction will occur at the expense of the client plus shipping.


All quotations are valid for a period no longer than 30 days. Unless you accept the quotation offer during this time period, Name Tags and Badges reserves the right to review and alter the original quotation.

* represents an estimated time of production and delivery and will vary according to seasonal or volume of orders coming into our system.