Artwork Requirements



We offer Free Setup** in the graphic design of your name badge products. All we ask is that you supply us with the logo in the correct format required to produce a quality finish. Logos should be at least 300 dpi and approximately 50 kb or larger. For best results, we prefer you supply us with a quality JPG or EPS logo image. If you are unsure on your logo format or what size it may be, please feel free to email it to us at or give us a call on 1300 132 980.


In the building of your own name badge process on our website you will have the option to upload your logo. Please ensure it is the best quality logo your graphic designer has supplied you with. The preferred file format for color logos is JPG or EPS. Alternative logo formats are TIF, Bitmap or BMP. If you do not have your logo on your computer files then you will need to consult the graphic designer who created the logo and ask them to send it to you.



Vector/High Resolution Images:

  • .eps or .ai – files are a high resolution vector artwork usually created by a graphic designer using Adobe Illustrator. They are usually C,M,Y,K but can be pms colour formatted files, they are intended for use as artwork for professional printing purposes.

Low Resolution Computer Files:

  • .jpg – files are joint photograph group files. They are usually in RGB colour format files and have been extremely compressed. They are inteded for use in web pages and office applications such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Resolution Transparent Computer Files:

  • png - files are RGB colour format files with a transparent background. They are intended for use in web pages and in applications such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Document Files:

  • .pdf – files are supplied so the user can view the logo.


Sometimes it is not possible to match your logo PMS colours exactly due to variances in printing on different substrates (ie. logo colours on paper or computer screens will differ to that printed on PVC, plastic, vinyl or other materials).  Guaranteed, we will do our very best to get the PMS colors as close as possible for you. If you can provide us with your logo PMS numerical colour value, we will endeavour to provide the best match possible. Please note that our Gold and Silver range of badge colours can vary slightly.


**Free setup applies to received orders of 5 or more badges or that require a minimum (less than 10 minutes) of setup time of logo color alteration or name text and title. If more than 10 minutes is required to correct the logo colour, an artwork creation fee will be applied.

* For our ID Cards - we can create a simple design for you as a complimentary service. If you require a design artwork to be created, this will incur an artwork fee. Please enquire for further information.

Logos: It is expected that you will provide us with a good quality logo in preferably jpg or eps format and not expect us to be searching the internet to download your logo. 

Fonts: If your company elects to use a font other than the nine standard fonts we regularly use, then it is expected you will provide to us (free of charge) the font type you wish for us to use for your name badges.