Importance of Using ID Cards in the Workplace

As a business owner, you want to provide your company with the best security measures possible. Apart from CCT Cameras, security guards and alarm systems, ID cards help strengthen the security and integrity of your company.


Here are reasons why having this seal of identity is important:


Enhanced Security


Nowadays, ID cards are installed with a security chip that allows them to enter the building. This additional security measure helps prevent employee impersonation or identity theft.


Through ID cards, you can also include extra security features such as magnetic patterns that limit an employee’s access to certain facilities of the building.


Payment Verification


If you’re part of the retail or real estate industry, payment transactions are taken as an extra precaution. When a customer is an about to pay via check, debit card or credit card, you want to make sure that the person using it is really the owner. Asking them for ID cards helps you confirm their identities.


Easy Monitoring


Aside from providing better security, ID cards also help you monitor employee activities such as their time-in and time-out as well as the use of office equipment and facilities.


Better Work and Employee-to-Customer Relationships


Employees can use ID cards to be familiarized with each other, building a better sense of community. It also helps build better relationships with their customers.


That’s because customers would feel comfortable knowing that there is proof that your employees work for your company.




ID cards can boost the morale of employees when they’re given access to large events because they were tasked go there. Even simply parading your company badge and uniform on the streets boost their self-esteem.


Other perks can include gym memberships as well as restaurant and retail discounts.


How to remind your employees to always wear their ID cards? 


Lead by example


The easiest step, you be the responsible professional you want your staff to be. Make them realise that if you, their boss, is wearing your ID, they should too.


Let them wear it with style


You decide how you want everyone to wear his or her IDs to work. If you’re opting for a lanyard, asked the same ID manufacturer to design you a simple yet unique one. But if you’re going to go for the lapel pins, a nice clear cover would be just fine.


Call them out


Don’t do it in a degrading manner. Remind your employees to wear their IDs in a joking manner.


Add perks 


Use your IDs as access to facilities, food, drinks and other amenities. That way, employees would rather wear than bring their wallet out every time just to do their daily tasks.


Reward them


Have their team leader secretly monitor how often they wear their IDs. And if never remove it during office hours, be sure to reward them.


You can be creative as to what perks you add to your ID cards to make your employees wear them often. But more than that, they should know its importance and value to the organisation. Visit Name Tags and Badges website to design one for your team today!