Membership / Gift / Loyalty / VIP Cards

We offer a variety of membership cards / gift vouchers, ideal for those who only want a small print run. Our White / Metallic Silver or Gold PVC Stock Cards are Full Colour Offset Printed on High Quality 0.76mm thick stock.  We can provide metallic finishes to our cards as well. This provides your valued clientele with a greater sense of value to your business.

Membership Cards
Here at Name Tags and Badges, we are proud to provide membership cards to sporting clubs, retail outlets and entertainment venues. Our Membership Cards can be made in almost unlimited range of colours and designs.

Loyalty Cards
There is no better way to build a loyal customer base with loyalty cards. Rewarding repeat customer activity is the cornerstone to any good business. If you plan to introduce a loyalty program into your business, contact Name Tags and Badges – our experienced staff have can answer your questions about the right material, colour and sizes of the right card to suit your business.

VIP Cards
Is it time to reward your most valued clients?  VIP cards ensure that your most valued clients feel....well valuable.  Name Tags and Badges are the leading provider of VIP cards in Australia.  Contact s today to receive a quote.

Single or Double Sided CMYK Full Colour Printing available

Size: 86mm×54mm / With standard Rounded Corners

Please contact us at or 1300 132 980 to discuss your exact requirements.