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Pet Name Tags 
We have the best range of cat and dog name tags

At Name Tags and Badges, we believe it’s important for your pet to have an identity too, which is why we produce and deliver the best quality animal name tags in Australia and New Zealand. Although you may have your cat or dog micro-chipped, a pet name tag is an important identifying accessory for your pet should they get lost or wander off.

Animal name tags also offer immediate access to owner contact details should your cat or dog stray, meaning it is easier and more likely to see the safe return of your loved pet. 

For Cats
Cats have a tendency to wander. With this in mind, having a name tag for your cat is imperative – especially for those of you that live in the city. Name Tags and Badges provide excellence in cat name tags that are easy to read to identify your cat and make it easy for those who find your cat, should it wander, to see your details to increase the possibility for it to be returned to you.


For Dogs
You regularly see on notice boards, telephone poles and even Facebook, notices that alert the public of a lost (or found) dog. Amazingly, many owners could have avoided this dilemma, if they had a proper name tag for their dog. Don’t hesitate, make sure your pooch is properly identifiable with Name Tags & Badges’ cool and functional dog name tags.


For other Animals
We also provide name tags for a range of other animals and pets. You can be assured that whatever animal or pet you have, we have a name tag for you.

Convenient and affordable pet name tags from the experts
Choose from one of our deluxe pet tags below for your pet and make them easily identifiable. Our highly polished zinc alloy with hard resin enamel surface ensures these animal tags are hard wearing and long lasting.

Click on any photo on the left to view full size.

These tags come in one or more of the following sizes:

  • Small 22mm wide (slightly larger than a 5 cent piece)
  • Large 30mm wide (size of a 20 cent piece)

Simply choose the tag, size (if applicable) and quantity and then put your pet name and phone number in the 'text' box then click add to cart. 


Small 22mm wide


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