Reusable Name Badges

Personalised badges in an instant

Do you have a high staff turnover or need personalised name badges quickly for a conference or an event?  Then our Reusable name badges are perfect for you!  

Generally , reusable name tags have your logo printed with enough space left for a name. The name is usually printed with a Dymo or similar printing device.  This allows you to reuse the name tag, which makes them highly practical, functional and cost saving.

There are a number of applications for these reusable name badges:


Staff members often lose name badges, or leave them at home.  For this reason, many business owners like to have the peace of mind to have some back-up name badges in the office cupboard to avoid staff serving customers without a company name badge.

Staff Turnover

Some businesses by their very nature have a high staff turnover.  For this reason, reusable name tags are a very cost-effective and efficient way to provide name name tags to all staff - and quickly.

Need Them Fast

Those businesses that need name tags for a conference or event often prefer to use reusable name tags.  Often times, this is due to the fact that the business owner usually don't know until the last minute exactly who their promotional staff are and sometimes, there are often last minute changes to staff.  Having reusable name tags provide peace of mind that no matter who your final staff for trade show or event will be, you will have a personalised name tag ready for them on the day.

They are available in three colours, (black, metallic silver and metallic gold), our slightly curved plastic reusable name badges are easy to use and come with a pin or magnetic fitting.   You can print your own inserts and include what you require on the badge such as a logo or just a staff member’s name - the choice is yours! Our reusable name badges come with a clear cover which protects the insert (insert size: 63mmx20mm)

Another option is to opt for a "Logo Only" or "Blank" style badges.  Your logo can be printed in full colour onto a plastic name badge and then you add your own staff name using a label machine - check these out on our Build A Badge Page for pricing. 

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